The house where you live.

by hangonz92

The flowers in the vase

in the hallway

are dead again.

You waited too long

to replace them and now

the house smells like dirt

and the colour’s gone.


The radiator is broken.

It’s too hot in the kitchen

and too cold in the lounge

and you have to walk

back and forth between them

to feel comfortable.


The stairs in the attic are creaking.

You can’t go searching in silence.

They announce your ascent

to the house and

like a scared feline you jump

and retreat

because the secrets you keep

there must remain.


So you drink cold coffee

in the hot kitchen

and smoke in the lounge

and do all you can to stay away

from that desolate hallway

that smells like dirt

with the flowers that now

hang limp around the vase

and the light bulb goes out

and the door never opens

and all that’s left is an occasional creak

as the stairs fall under

a heavy weight.