Falling to pieces.

by hangonz92

My toes fell off last night.

In the darkness they fled,

sliding between my sheets,

jumping out of my bed,

and abandoning me.

I noticed only when I woke

and quickly fell to the floor.

Unable to stand,

I spent the day

on the carpet.


My fingers ripped themselves off today.

Bloody and tired

from dragging my

helpless body,

they popped off and clawed

their way out the window

and down the drain,

leaving me.


Even my eyes now have gone.

They escaped and roll around the floor now

in utter lunacy,

leaving the holes in my head

to create their own

image of disaster.


My ears are melting down

my sore, stumpy arms.

My tongue

lies wasted in a ball

on the floor

where even the cat

only scratches at it

before turning it’s head.


A scattered mess

of limbs and flesh,

crushed bones,

and sore muscles,

broken skin and

ripped tendons

on a carpet now

wet and dripping

with angry red slop.


Soon I’m melted completely.

my clothes laid out

neatly on the floor

and my toes,

my fingers,

my liberated limbs

no longer weep for me.