I think.

by hangonz92

I think I could have been great.

Like when I was young

and I ran and ran and


and my lungs never ached

and my legs never tired

and I was great.

I was triumphant.

I was magnificent.

The royalty that I was

hung from my shoulders

and rolled out before me

like pavement of gold.

I think I could have been fine.

Like when I was adolescent

and I dance and danced and


As womanhood began to snatch

me up and pull me apart,

I danced

and I was fine.

I pirouetted through puberty

and I was fine.

I was ok.

I think I can manage.

Right now

as I write and write and


for no one,

for myself.

My lungs may be weakened

by smoke,

my legs sore from use,

womanhood having devoured me,

the gold at my feet long


I can still manage

I think

but maybe not.