New York City.

by hangonz92

I want to kiss New York City.

To wet my lips in the East River,

graze my tongue down Broadway,

and nibble on the Empire State Building.

I want to caress the streets of Harlem,

embrace Soho and the Battery,

and claw at Greenwich Village.

I want to be taken by New York City.

Give me a hot subway station

in the summer.

The sweaty patrons anxiously

staring down the tracks

for that moment of ecstasy

when they can finally enter

the cool breeze of the train car.

Soak in the averted gazes.

Bathe in the unshared intoxication.

I want to fall in love with New York City.

Laying in the grass of the Great Lawn

I want to feel the city love me back.

The surrounding buildings

protect and embrace me.

The screams of the taxis, declarations

of that love.

I want to feel New York City.

I want to be New York City.

Take me in, New York City.