by hangonz92

Your shadow

the size of the demons

which lurk in my nightmares.

Grazing the wall

with a slow, graceful sway.

Dragging the light.

Manipulating the room.

Forming pictures.

More nightmares.

They remain after

you’ve gone.

A dark shade

hovering over white paint.

A blank slate

consumed by a black cloud

of monstrous figures

piled on top of each other

like a crowd of junkies

huddled around a fiery can.

But the junkie is me.

I rub my hands

in the warmth of the flames

and watch

as your shadow dances

in place of my own.

I withstand the cold.

I endure the smoke.

I welcome the nightmares.

It’s when they leave

that I will mourn their existence.

But until they do,

I will despair in

their imminent