by hangonz92

I am haunted by the universe.

It’s strength pressing down,

leaving my breath deep in my throat.

The arrows which prick at my back

lead me down alleys

or force me through open streets

filled with people with no faces

blindly marching

in uniform lines towards

an unseen destination.

My mind is clogged with thoughts

unsettling, foreboding.

Madness shakes me.

I want to

think without minding.

Touch without feeling.

Get on my knees without skinning them.

Instead, I think to

break my own heart.

I touch and grope and


my knees so dripping

with blood

I slip

and fall on them again.

The blank faces have

no knees full of blood.

No minds full of


Or hate.

No hands full of


How I envy

their emptiness.

How I yearn

for their ignorant peace.

And yet, I feel also


In their faceless forms,

their heartless,

bloodless bodies,

they will never know

the beauty

that lives on the outskirts

of the pain.