by hangonz92

Walls cracking and shaking

and dripping

with the blood of every wound made

under their intense white gaze.

They laugh loudly as my eyes

unsuccessfully try to focus on something,

on anything,

but the tight room is a misty haze

of nonsense which mocks

my futile attempts at reality.

A hand pulls at my arms,

my body, and lifts me.

Am I standing?

The floor ripples

like a shallow ocean.

It too finds joy in my suffering.

My feet are not mine.

My legs too cannot be found.

Lost within the sea.

My mind and body

two separate entities desperate

to find each other but unable to

grasp at control.

The laughing continues

as a body catches me

and throws me back down

on a hard, raised surface.

The cracking, shaking, dripping.

My head whirls, my eyes

unstable as my mind.


Knowledge of madness.

Torture over knowledge of madness.