by hangonz92

The sound of potential lovers

whispering secret songs

in your ear.

Hymns written in

dark basements, in

closets full of

unread books, poems

seen but not heard.

The harmonies dance

in your mind

but the words are

only sounds,

mumbled and distant

beyond the music.

You strain

to hear tomorrow’s


but are left only

with an arbitrary ache

in your chest

and that consistent


Despite the pressure,

you listen on,

urging the music forward

until the words are


Until they are shouts,

and then screams,

and then you’re screaming too.

Voices again

becoming one sound,


and hanging in the air

like a hand left

on a throbbing

piano key.

It fades, leaving

a heavy silence

in your head.

The hidden truths

uncovered, seen,

and past.

Were you better

not knowing them

at all?