Under a tree in the spring.

by hangonz92

Under a tree

in the spring

the wind blows

making the grass

shiver like a million

bodies dancing.

Birds sing

or scream

or cry,

replying to the calls

of others

and flying

to aid or refuge.

Under a tree

in the spring

ants march up

their hills

carrying found treasures

and lost crumbs

to please the queen.

Dogs pause

to drop their nose

or lift their leg,

leaving their mark and proudly abandoning it

to frolic with the rest.

Under a tree

in the spring

I sit

and think of you

for the last time.

The winter came

and went

bringing joy

and then grief.

Under the sun

I thaw.

My body,

left frozen

by winter’s cruel teeth,

begins to soften.

The warmth taking

it’s time on my

feet, my hands,

my legs, my chest,

my cheeks.

Everywhere your skin

has ever touched.

As day fades,

so does the last

of the ice.

Blood moving through veins,

a clear brain,

a stitched heart,

under a tree

in the spring.